Electronic Market Surveys manufactures a survey data acquisition tool for market research.  The Electronic Survey Systems from EMS are fast, comprehensive in scope, and inexpensive. 

The “Quick Survey” unit, QS-2000™, has proven to be a fast, accurate & cost-effective way to monitor attitudes, opinions, key trends, preferences and satisfaction levels of your customers, patients and staff.

While utilizing the QS-2000™ for analysis of your customers and patients could be its primary function, it is also a valuable tool for your human resource department for evaluating management, benefits, training and many of the same company attributes being measured by the customers.

In addition to the QS-2000™, EMS has incorporated the iPad™ in its arsenal of measurement instruments. All of the surveys that have previously been completed on the QS-2000™ can be done using the iPad™.

Why We’re Unique

The QS-Survey System measures opinions at the point-of-sale or service, not days, weeks or months later.

The reason we're able to assure the success of your data gathering efforts at the point-of-service/sale is the extensive use of our handheld survey response unit, the QS-2000™.

Then, at the end of the survey period, the data set is sent to our computer, and reports are generated, ready for analysis.  Faster-Better-Less Expensive

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